Testimonial Michael and Angie

Hi Mary Jo,

Can you believe we purchased our little Bella from you 6 years ago? We are so elated as I even sent you a testimonial about our little apricot toy poodle that’s so smart she rings a bell on her own to have us let her outside to do her business.

She is full grown now and just tips the scale at 4lbs. We just love her! I wanted to let you know I kept my promise to you as Cassie Preto from the Doggy Spa in Wickliffe is the only person to groom our little girl. Cassie is now a Facebook friend of mine too.

I wanted to let you know I sent Joy and Dennis Summers to you as a referral. I know you’ll get them the perfect dog and please know they will be great for the dog too (you need not to worry to sell them one as they will take great care of their dog). Thank you again for our little bundle of joy.

All the best to you and your family,
Michael and Angie Tyler