We are planning some red breeding.
Hope to have some puppies in May and June.
Please check with us in April about possible puppies.
No puppies currently available until late spring. 



Family socializing is very important with my puppies. Grandkids do a great job !!!

Primrose Poodles puppies
Primrose Poodles puppies
Primrose Poodles puppies

Welcome to Primrose Poodles where we have been breeding
Toy Poodles for over 40 years and still love it.


Primrose Poodles

Unfortunately due to the high demand for puppies with this stay at home pandemic going on I don’t have any puppies to advertise. They are all reserved before I can get pictures up. Families and children are home and wanting something to care for and have the time to do it !!! I hope to have some litters coming up.

I am doing a waiting list if seriously interested in a future puppy. Hope this craziness will subside and we all get back to normal. In the meantime my poodles and puppies are keeping me busy and I’m loving staying home with them. Stay safe and happy 😃

Client Testimonial

Primrose Poodles puppies

Ohh Mary Jo, you have no Idea how smart is this little guy! We laugh so much with him and his occurrences. Today he literally played hide and seek with his playmate Chichi and in the backyard he hid in a plant pot only to come out and bite her playfully. 🤣🤣🤣. We are so blessed with him and he is a perfect companion for all of us, special with Chichi! They literally love each other!!

Primorse Camellia
Primrose Poodles

Client Testimonial

Rowan “The Firey One”

Hi, I wanted to wish you a Happy, Healthy, abundant New Years 2020. We are so grateful that we were able to get Rowan (her name means Fiery Red One). She has such a great disposition and personality. She makes up games and all kinds of fun.

She is very social and makes friends easily. She is also very intelligent. I am training her to be a Therapy Dog at the Colleges and nursing homes. Thought you might want to see what a beautiful, loving little dog she is and how much a part of our family she has become.

Rowan is also a dog model for our local dog salon. Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch. Blessings, love and healing light energy, Samantha

Testimonial Michael and Angie

Little Bella, she is full grown now and just tips the scale at 4lbs. We just love her! Read More …


I breed for personality, confirmation and intelligence. I can determine a puppies personality and match it with a prospective buyer; a sturdier, larger toy for a young family, a dog with a softer temperament for an older person with no children. I breed out leg problems especially loose patellae which are common in toy breeds, and am careful of eye problems including PRA.

Puppies do not leave Primrose Poodles until they are vet checked, have their first vaccines and are groomed. Puppies are sold with limited AKC papers so that they do not end up in the hands of puppy mills





Champion Primrose Puttin On The Ritz. Finished with multiple majors. Beautiful and elegant girl !!! See more


I am always on the quest to breed the perfect Toy Poodle.  I began breeding poodles at the age of 21 when working for a Miniature Poodle breeder found that I was growing quite fond of the breed.  I love working on a breeding program, trying to match the different toy lines to produce a beautiful litter.  I get excited to see how each and every litter will turn out; whether to repeat that breeding or switch to another pairing. 
Mary Jo

Primrose Poodles , Champion Primrose
Our Stud - Rigby’s Raising The Bar



Here at Primrose Poodles we have been breeding, showing and specializing in the black and brown toys for many years. We have added beautiful apricots and reds in our breeding program for companions and show prospects. We strive to breed for beauty, intelligence, and good temperaments. We believe that Toy Poodles should be happy, outgoing little dogs. We are reputable breeders and exclusively breed Toy Poodles.

Our puppies are raised and socialized in a lively home environment. Check our puppy page for Toy Poodle Puppies.

Poodles come in three sizes: Standard (over 15″) , Miniature (over 10″), and Toy (10″ or under. The original Poodles were used for retrieving. Their conformation and the texture and the pattern of their coats to this day reflect the purpose for which they were bred. At Primrose Poodles we only breed Toy Poodles and have spent years working to produce the best qualities in the breed. Read more

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