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Love My Buddy!

Testimonial all the way from Puerto Rico.

Good evening Mary Jo,
I fell in love with my Buddy! Everyday he does something new to make me laugh. Without a doubt he is the best baby I ever had!

Primrose Poodles Testimonial

I’m so grateful for him His character is perfect and he is not a barker. He is funny and an excellent companion!

He loves car rides with the window open and saying hello to everyone in the street!! 💕💕🥰🥰

You have the most wonderful babies and so good temperament!  I love so much my buddy! 😍😍

Primrose Poodles Client Puppy

Peyton – The Journey Begins

Client Testimonial

Mary Jo,

Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt this beautiful boy. I have named him Peyton. He did wonderfully on the ride home. We stopped once for a potty break. The rest of the time he slept or snuggled in my lap. He’s starting to explore more and trying to play with my other toy. The cats are still a mystery, but he’s checking them out. I love him and can’t wait to see where our journey takes us. 

Thank you again so much,

Jo Ellen

Sammy loves to watch TV

Primrose Poodles testimonial

Hope all is well with you and the puppies.
This is very, very hard to believe but tomorrow Sammy will be three!!
As advertised, he is the sweetest little guy on earth. He likes to torment his humans a little but has become quite a snugger.

Loves to watch TV, especially a good nature series. Doesn’t understand social distancing. Humans were put on this earth to love on him.
Ron W.

Rowan “Firey Red One”

Client Testimonial

Rowan “The Firey One”

Hi, I wanted to wish you a Happy, Healthy, abundant New Years 2020. We are so grateful that we were able to get Rowan (her name means Fiery Red One). She has such a great disposition and personality. She makes up games and all kinds of fun.

She is very social and makes friends easily. She is also very intelligent. I am training her to be a Therapy Dog at the Colleges and nursing homes. Thought you might want to see what a beautiful, loving little dog she is and how much a part of our family she has become.

Rowan is also a dog model for our local dog salon. Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch. Blessings, love and healing light energy, Samantha